The existing house has the volume in the southwest corner of the plot, at an elevated level of 7 meters above the plane of access to the house. Its radical floor plan organization has two separate wings, one for the private area and the other for the public, connected through a semicircular exterior staircase. Access to the house through the plot is behind a winding promenade, characterized by a large number of elements of native vegetation.
When working on the extension, it has been proposed to compose the volume of the “new home” through the insertion of the new program within the covered outdoor space of the original envelope. This has allowed us to build a piece without a program, light, a 22x7m concrete awning. Through this maneuver we double the area of the house on the ground floor and compensate the original elevation by aligning the extension in height.
The presence of the large window is lightened from a distance and gains weight when it is closed. The atmosphere generated under the gravity of the large volume of concrete is counteracted by the minimal section of the lintel, producing domestic experiences under a structure close to the infrastructural field.
The composition proposes an exterior-interior continuity on the ground floor oriented in two directions, the new nearby platform and the distant sea, filtered by palm trees, pines, pitas, prickly pears and other native plant elements.
A podium and a large window from which to see the sea.