2022, Plaza del Salvador, Sevilla

The “Cris’s mother’s cake” project is part of a research project aimed at the use of 3D printing on a large scale under the premise of opening new ways for the reuse of recycled plastic, contributing to give a second life to a material whose 90% of waste still ends up accumulated in landfills and oceans.

Located in the emblematic Plaza del Salvador in Seville, the narrow, tall and long premises were redesigned on the basis of a very clear idea: to convey the uniqueness and exclusivity of cheesecake to the customer through a formal gesture that would draw analogies with the material properties of the product. The shapes and textures, the twisting by gravity after cutting, the variable cream colour and the toasted exterior from the baking, become the imaginary that has shaped the elevation of the proposal.

In this way, a 9m long by 3.40m mural produced in Nagami’s offices in Ávila using 3D printing technology with industrial robots takes centre stage in the interior space, having recycled 0.34 tonnes of PETG plastic for its manufacture.